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General Questions

Where is Kupa located?

Kupa is a mobile hardware manufacturer with offices in America, Germany and China. American office is located in Santa Monica, California and is responsible for all Kupa related activities in American continent.

Where is Kupa product made?

Kupa products are designed by our product development team based in Germany with parts sourced from all over the world. The final product is assembled in Shenzhen China with multiple quality checks at the factory and before final delivery to the customers.

Does Kupa makes its own product or is a reseller?

Kupa believes that combination of great quality and excellent customer is the best marketing approach. Therefore, all Kupa products are our own design and are manufactured under strict supervision of our own engineers. We outsource nothing nor do us OEM for other companies.

General Question Regarding X11

Where can I buy X11?

Kupa X11 is available for direct to customer sale in United States, Europe and China only. To buy X11 and related accessories in Unites States, please visit our online store. For large size order, customized order request or questions regarding distribution, please contact info.us@kupaworld.com

What is included with X11?

Every X11 comes with a digital stylus, power adapter, user manual and warranty card. Please verify contents of your X11 package when you receive it.

Does Kupa offer accessories for X11?

Yes, we currently have stand, anti-reflective film and extra stylus for sale on Kupa online store.

What type of screen is X11 using?

X11 was designed primarily as a computer for mobile professionals. It does not perform the same functions as a telephone. However, there is a lot of free software available for message, phone call or video meeting as long as network is accessible.

Can the X11 achieve the same functions of a telephone?

X11 was designed primarily as a computer for mobile professionals. It does not perform the same functions as a telephone. However, there is a lot of free software available for message, phone call or video meeting as long as network is accessible.

Does Kupa offer financial offer for X11?

Kupa America currently does not have any financial offer for X11. Please follow up with our blog to see latest information about our products and service.


Can Kupa X11's memory be upgraded?

Kupa X11's memory cannot be upgraded to 4GB RAM since 2GB RAM is the maximum memory addressable for the CPU Kupa X11 is running now.

How could I improve the accuracy of stylus and multi-touch control?

To maximize your experience with X11's pen + touch input, please calibrate both pen and touch for each X11. Go to Control Panel and click on Tablet PC Setting icon. In the setting, please click the Calibrate button in the middle of the Display options, then follow the on-screen instruction.

Does Kupa X11 have built-in GPS Chip?

There is no built-in GPS function in Kupa X11. For the optimal GPS reception, kupa do not recommend using embedded GPS chip in a tablet due to electrical magnetic interference. Kupa recommends using an external USB or Bluetooth GPS unit with X11 for clearest GPS reception possible.

How much storage space does the Kupa X11 have? And can it be expanded?

The capacity of Kupa X11 Lux is 128 GB, while KUPA X11 Pro and Classic have storage space of 64 GB. The SSD is integrated inside the Kupa X11 and can only be expanded with external storage (USB sticks, external hard disk).

What types of output & input ports does the Kupa X11 have?

All three models of Kupa X11 have two USB 2.0 port, one HDMI port (High-definition video output supports 1080P), a 3.5mm headset interface (supports audio input and output), a SIM card slot, and a connector for power supply (19.0V, 2, 1A).

Which X11 model has 3G or GSM capability?

Both Kupa Pro and Lux have capabilities to connect to GSM (2G) and 3G network using SIM card. X11 Classic is Wi-Fi only.

Which X11 model has 4G capability?

None of X11 models have 4G capability right now. Future models of Kupa may be able to connect to 4G network. Please follow our blog for updates about Kupa products.

Why is X11's WiFi only B/G but not N?

X11 is B/G band and doesn't support N band. This design decision was made by our engineers after many tests to achieve optimal balance between power-efficiency and reception quality.

What wireless capabilities does KUPA X11 have?

All three models of Kupa X11 can be connected to internet through Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g). Kupa X11 Pro and Lux support 3G/3,5G with HSDPA and HSUPA, WCDMA.

Does Kupa X11 have Ethernet outlet?

There is no Ethernet outlet on X11 but you can use a RJ45 adapter to connect your X11 to the Ethernet network.

What 3G mobile carriers does Kupa X11 support?

Kupa X11 Pro and X11 Lux support At&T, Tmobile and any GSM based carriers. X11 Classic is Wi-Fi only.

How long is the battery life of Kupa X11?

Kupa runs continuously for 8 to 10 hrs depending on your setting.

Is battery replaceable?

X11's battery is integrated with system board and cannot be separated without using special tools. In case of battery failure, we will replace X11 battery for free when it is still under warranty. Otherwise, we will charge labor and parts for battery replacement.

Questions about Kupa X11 Operation

Can user install software on the tablet?

Yes, you can install software on Kupa X11. It runs the full windows 7 professional system, the same system used by PC. Software can be installed through websites or the standard USB port of Kupa X11.

What system does Kupa X11 run?

Kupa X11 runs Windows 7 Professional system, the same system used by PC.

Can X11 upgrade to Windows 8?

X11 can be upgraded to Windows 8 Preview. For demo, please see video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvbxTp7tMlM For tips and tricks, please follow blog.kupaworld.com for updates.

Will Kupa offer free upgrade to Windows 8?

Windows 8 will not be released until later part of 2012.We would need more information from Microsoft.

Can X11 install linux system?

We are still testing X11 with Ubuntu distribution and are making sure X11 drivers will be compatible with the system. Please check back with us on blog.kupaworld.com for further information.

How can I restore the system?

1) Reboot the machine. Press F7 key on your USB keyboard when blue Kupa logo appears.
2) Let it run. When interface shows 'Language Selection', please click (with USB mouse) on English.
3) Click System Recover Label when Main Menu appears.
4) Click Reinstall windows and then click yes.
5) Restore process will take about 10 minutes. After it is done, you will see main menu again.
6) Click on Shutdown/Reboot tab and click Reboot.
7) Your system is restored.

Does X11 support dual operating systems?

Kupa X11 supports dual operating systems. However we suggest that our customers install genuine Windows 7 from the factory since we will not be able to repair the OS if there is a faulty install. We do not recommend this.

How could I set up X11 to my SIM card?

Please insert SIM card into X11's SIM card slot on the right side (next to mini HDMI port). If X11 is running while the SIM card is inserted, please turn off X11 or enter sleep mode and then turn on X11 to activate the SIM card.

How could I set up X11 to use AT&T SIM card for network access?

AT&T APN: wap.cingular

s Windows 7 Pro installed on Kupa is a trial edition or not?

No, we will send you a Windows 7 Pro activation key once we shipped out your X11. Please check your email after your purchase.

Customer Service Questions

How long is the warranty for Kupa X11?

Kupa Technology guaranties a one year warranty on all products.

Can I try X11 in a retail store before buying?

X11 is currently not for sale at local retail store. However, X11 has a 15 days return policy when purchased from our online store. To be qualified for full refund, please return your X11 to our office and make sure it is in good reselling condition.

What is the Return procedure?

To return your device, please contact customer service at service.us@kupaworld.com.

How long will it takes for X11 to arrive at my place?

The time of shipment depends on shipping method you chose and the distance between your place and our office. However, we will send you tracking number after your purchase so that you can check your shipment status.

Trouble Shooting

How come the HD video playback is not smooth?

First we need to ask whether you are streaming which has a good relationship with playback speed. Also, HD is divided into different formats MKV, AVI, MP4 etc. Not all browsers support these formats; we recommend that you use the most common format MP4.

Why can't I access 3G?

First of all, please check if your area is covered by 3G network. Secondly, please make sure that USIM car is successfully activated. USIM card needs to be inserted when computer is in a shutdown, hibernating, or sleeping state. Please check if the 3G internet access drive is normal.

Why can't Wi-Fi connect?

1) Hardware: Check if Bluetooth is operating normally, if it isn't working either, it is a hardware problem.
2) User Error: Check if the Wi-Fi switch is on then if the 3DSP driver is on.
3) Check your router's connections and if it can connect to other wireless devices.
4) Driver issue: Go to the device manager and check if the displayed driver is abnormal

Why is the gravity sensor not working?

First, please make sure that you have tapped the screen after rotating X11. If it still does not work, please go to Control Panel and then click 'Intel GMA Driver for mobile'. Click 'Display Settings' on the popped up window and make sure 'Enable Rotation' button on the right is checked.
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