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Health Care

With rising costs and new regulation on electronic medical records, health care professionals need to implement more technology in their practices to serve their patients better. Here is a case about how one optometrist with a busy clinic and an optical retail store utilized the KUPA Note to reduce cost while gaining a competitive edge:

Replacing Paper Forms:

With the ability to write and send, KUPA Note is the perfect platform for digital medical forms. The doctor can now fill in the forms on KUPA Note and send a copy to both the optical retailer and the customer, saving both cost of paper, and mailing, while increasing the accuracy of the data.

Sales tool:

The KUPA Note's beautiful and interactive screen is the perfect media for showing a quick video or demonstration for marketing. This client used the KUPA Note to show instructional videos to his customers to provide personalized eye care products and recommendations.

Electronic Medical Record:

Not only was the KUPA Note perfect for presenting digital forms, it was perfect for capturing, transmitting and storing digital medical records. The rear camera can be used to create customer identification picture while the networking capabilities can help sending and retrieving medical records. This again reduces the cost of operation while improving accuracy of medical records.


Medical records contain sensitive personal data. The KUPA Note's built in fingerprint scanner protects data from unauthorized access while still allowing legitimate users quick login.

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