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Advanced technology is a result of the progress in the Academic world. The KUPA Note is a creation from those who studied and applied that technology. For those improving the world through teaching and learning, here is a tool created by you, for you and how it can be applied:

Digital blackboard:

Using the KUPA Note, teachers connect to the projector wirelessly and use KUPA Note to as an overhead presentation tool. The KUPA Note's pen input allows teachers to draw and write on the screen while the Wi-Fi links the classes to a wide variety of teaching resources, both on the intranet and on the Internet.

Remote teaching:

Teachers can use the KUPA Note to communicate with students who are unable to attend classes with KUPA Note's video conferencing feature. In one instance, a teacher was able to live stream or record video of concise lecture and homework assignment to a bedridden student.

Learning in the field:

Field trips/Educational tours can be enhanced with the KUPA Note through connectivity with 3G or Wi-Fi. Questions to answers, Directions, Attendance sheets, Itinerary, Notes can be all be organized onto the KUPA Note. When you return from the trip you can use photos, video, and recordings to help review the important facts you learned along the way.


With all the books you have, how many notebooks go along with them? Use it as your computer, infinite notebook, or just doodling. Insert charts and graphs that will look clean when you review and follow along with the PowerPoint lectures. Did we mention that the KUPA Note recognizes cursive?

Reducing operation overhead:

By moving administrative tasks and so of the teaching tools to digital process, schools are able to reduce 40% of its monthly paper use. An added advantage is that now it is easier to locate a document because all documents are indexed and can be searched.


Student records contain sensitive personal data. The KUPA Note's built in fingerprint scanner protects data from unauthorized access while still allowing the legitimate user a quick login.

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