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Digital Pen:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Have you ever wanted to jot down a picture to explain an idea, and instead that you are forced to type out that idea or left with scraps of un-organized drawings? With KUPA Note's digital pen input, you can write and draw on KUPA Note's screen effortlessly as you would on paper. Whether your masterpiece is a creative drawing in your journal or a required signature for an important business document, you can share, modify, or print digitally after you finish them on KUPA Note.

Pressure Level Sensitive Pen:

Not all tablet computers with digital pen input are created equal. While some can only locate the pressures coming from their digital pens, KUPA Note can quickly and accurately identity both the position and the level of pressure of its digital pen. Creative professionals or any users that require realistic brush-like digital pen input, KUPA Note is your canvas.


KUPA Note's screen + digital pen gives you the authentic experience of what you see is what you draw! Not only it is the most intuitive way to draw, it is a perfect way to teach and show art to others, whether the audience are your students or your customers.


KUPA Note has various ways to connect to the Internet and other devices, allowing you to share and exchange your work and ideas freely

Full Application:

While many tablets have usb ports, KUPA Note with its full usb ports and Windows 7 OS compatibility allows you the maximum choice with wide range of peripherals. A device doesn't work with your iPad or Android tablet? No problem, there is a good chance that it will work with the KUPA Note.


Apps are nice when you just want to consume contents generated by others. When you need to create contents, grab a KUPA Note and load a real application on Windows 7 platform. Want an example? Trying run Adobe Photoshop app on ipad/Android tablet and then come back for the functionality on the KUPA Note

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